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One person opens up this webpage (congrats, you've got that far!), then open a Zoom/Webex/GotoMeeting/whatever with your friends / colleagues you want to play with and share your screen. Choose the deck you want to use from the top drop-down, then hit "Deal Cards". The aim is for players to call out the 2 icons that match, there should never be more than 1 pair, and it'll be one picture in each side of the grid. First person to call out the correct matching pair gets the point, if 2 (or more) people call out at the same time, they both get points. Click "New Cards" to get a new selection of cards. The game goes forever, so give-up when you're bored.

There's no limit on the number of players, but honestly it works best with a small handful (2-3)

Want a physical deck?

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Feedback is great, constructive is better. We want this to be a bit of fun for everyone. Find me on Twitter: @ckranz

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